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Parent views

Anne-Marie Helfi Goffinet is the mother of a former Pre-University Summer School student, Juliette. Read Anne-Marie's testimony of the course from the perspective of a parent.

Anne-Marie Helfi, mother of a UCL Pre-University Summer School student

When our daughter, Juliette, asked to attend the Pre-University Summer School course about Global Citizenship at UCL, my husband and I were wondering if it was the right moment for her. She was 17 years old.

Although she had experienced other trips abroad, this would be a real university-like experience and we decided to give her our agreement.

Retrospectively, it was a brilliant decision. Indeed, the programme offered a great balance between academic classes, seminars and social events.

Juliette learnt a lot and enjoyed the opportunity to exchange views with students from all over the world with whom she has established good friendships.

Going to the museum, attending the Aladdin musical and visiting Brighton have enabled her to get an insight into UK culture.

Most importantly, it was a real trigger for Juliette to apply for the dual degree at SciencesPo Paris/UCL, which gives the opportunity to study two years at UCL and two years in France.

Finally, logistical organisation was just perfect; students are appropriately chaperoned and lodging is provided close to UCL in the beautiful Bloomsbury district.

I can’t recommend the UCL Pre-University Summer School highly enough.