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Language and culture activities

Language and culture activities

The CLIE Events Officer, Tina Dickson, organises language and culture-related events for students taking courses at syllabus C and above (e.g. academia, art, business and current affairs, customs and traditions, food). These events take place in Term 1 and in Term 2 and allow students to expand their foreign language practice through guided tours, discussions and seminars. Email Tina to reserve a place, giving the event title and date.


Sign up for Arab British Centre newsletter http://www.arabbritishcentre.org.uk/ and join their library for £10p.a.

Become a member of CABBU for only £10pa http://www.caabu.org/contact

MBI Al Jaber, no membership only free events http://www.mbifoundation.com/events.asp

On Wednesday 24th January at 5pm (talk to start at 5.10pm) in room 105, 24 Gordon Square, Ms Diana Darke will discuss her book 'My House in Damascus' with Q&A. Talk to be given in English although questions may be given and answered in Arabic https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/21257972-my-house-in-damascus



Sign up for newsletter and library access at the Institut Francais http://www.culturetheque.com/EXPLOITATION/GBR/accueil-ermes.aspx

Talk in French by Dr Ariane Smart entitled 'Entre-deux-guerres, entre deux crises: la raison et l'Europe chancellent' Wednesday 25th January 5.30-7pm, Foster Court 130

Book yourselves on the Night of Ideas from 12th January 10am, hosted by the French Institute to take place on Thursday 26th January 6-10pmhttp://nightofideas.co.uk/

Talk in French with Mr Gerard Tardy, on Brexit as seen by the French. 16th March, 5.30-7pm South Wing G12 Council Room

Talk in French with Dr Thibaut Raboin on 'Les blind spots de nationalisms' 23rd March, 5.30-7pm Cruciform Foyer Seminar Room 1


Goethe Institute https://www.goethe.de/ins/gb/en/sta/lon.html

Membership: £20pa, £15 for six months, £8 for 3 months (membership gives free access to library and free films)

Free tickets for Sir Neil McGregor's talk 'one castle, one palace, two brothers, many museums: Berlin's Humboldt Forum' Thursday 13th October, meet at CLIE Reception at 6pm

Music Concert, 70th anniversary of the London Bach Society, China Exchange, W1D 6JA, concert begins at 7.45pm, Friday 11th November, meet outside of China Exchange at 7pm 

Talk by Professor Volker Sommer (UCL Anthropology) 'Lob der Luge. Zur Evolution unserer Intelligenz' In praise of lying: How deception helped us evolve intelligence. Mid November - early December date tbc

Talk by Dr Bowersox Einwanderungsland Deutschland. Migration in German History and the Politics of Today - early December date tbc


Sign up for the newsletter of the Italian Cultural Institute on their home page: http://www.iiclondra.esteri.it/IIC_Londra

Here is a message for you from the Italian Cultural Institute:

"Sei un giovane Italiano? Risiedi a Londra? Ti piacerebbe partecipare agli eventi organizzati dall'Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Londra? Ci occupiamo di arte, fotografia, cinema, moda, letteratura, teatro…e molto altro.

Scrivici all'indirizzo rsvp.icilondon@esteri.it specificando il tuo nome, cognome, eta', indirizzo email. Se vuoi, indica anche quale argomento ti interessa di piu'.

Ti aspettiamo!"

Talk (in English) on the Italian Renaissance Courts by author Alison Shadwick, date tbc

Talk (in Italian) by journalist Enrico Franceschini on his book 'Londra Italia' date tbc

Free tickets to National Gallery, Thursday 15th December entry 4.30pm Beyond Carravaggio https://www.nationalgallery.org.uk/whats-on/exhibitions/beyond-caravaggio


Sign up for newsletter/membership

DAIWA Foundation email for mailing list http://www.dajf.org.uk/ events@dajf.org.uk

Japan Foundation http://www.jpf.org.uk/registration/index.php

Japan Foundation: http://www.japansociety.org.uk/join/benefits-of-membership/  (£10)

Manga: the new generation talk (in English) by Kim Nimura and Miki Yamamoto at Foyles Bookshop, Charing Cross Road 6.30-8pm, Monday 17th October, meet at CLIE Reception at 5.30pm

Sushi making and tasting with Makiko Sano http://www.makikosano.co.uk/ Thursday 3rd November, 5.30pm room tbc

Traditional music (Shamisen master and Enka singer part in English part in Japanese) http://www.hibikishamisen.com/ date tbc (end of November or beginning December)


Mandarin event to celebrate Chinese New Year, festivities will be held in room 106, Gordon House from 5pm on Wednesday 21st February.  Come and taste authentic Chinese food and practise your Mandarin while watching Young Style (film directed by Liu Jie)


Cervantes Institute (free membership) http://londres.cervantes.es/en/membership/membership_general_information.htm

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Talk (in Spanish) by Dr Beatriz Armendariz, Senior Lecturer Economics, Microfinance in Latin America, Wednesday 2nd November 5.30pm room Foster Court 132

Talk (in Spanish) by Patricia Tubella, freelance journalist, The current political situation in Spain, including the Catalan independence movement and the Podemos Party, Tuesday 22nd November, 5.30-7pm, South Wing G12 Council Room

Talk (in Spanish) by Gwen Burnyeat (PhD Anthropology) 'Sintesis de los acuerdos de la Habana y su context nacional e international' (peace talk with the FARQ in Colombia) Wednesday 7th December 5.30-7pm Wilkins Garden Room

Talk (in Spanish) by Professor Cabrales, Economics Department, on Inequality and social mobility in Spain, date tbc late November