UCL Centre for Languages & International Education (CLIE)


Qian Jingkun (Brian)

Meet Brian from Beijing, China who attended the Pre-University Online Course in 2022.

Photograph of Brian in China

Where were you during the UCL Pre-University Summer Course?

I attended the UCL Pre-University Course at my home in Beijing, the capital city of China.

Since the course was held online due to Covid, I felt pity for being unable to travel to London and enjoy the view of UCL myself.

Nevertheless, I was impressed by the online arrangements these days. Apart from ordinary English language courses, some innovative lectures really satisfied my curiosity about the UCL curriculum. I learned a lot, not only in English but also academic and cultural knowledge.

Why did you choose the UCL Pre-University Course?

Initially, I intended to experience the courses at UCL. I was told that UCL specialises in multiple subjects, therefore I’m eager to know more about the UCL curriculum.

The course offered me an opportunity to partially see the characteristics and advantages when studying at UCL even though they took place online. After the two-week course, I gained a sense of satisfaction from both online communication and additional recognition of British culture and academic expansion.

Besides, the factor that impressed me most especially is the diversity of nationality in the course. Honestly speaking, I haven’t got a chance to communicate and share personal opinions with students from diverse countries and regions, while I experienced an inclusive style from tutors of the course.

From this point, I can see that UCL is not only academically reliable but also enriched with flexibility, innovation, and availability for a sense of inclusion.

Do you have any personal highlights from the course and why?

The most memorable topic from my perspective will be the lecture about the British Monarchy. Personally speaking, I’m pretty interested in British traditions and monachal institutions.

I’m glad that I’ll be able to know more about British culture from the course. From my perspective, learning about British traditions is beneficial in many ways, especially for people like me who are planning to apply to British colleges in order to adapt the life here.

Which skills have you developed during the course?

I developed my oral English during the period of communication between students

Throughout the learning process, I actually learned about how to exchange opinions and cooperate with unfamiliar people including foreign companions. I was unwilling to share my thoughts at the beginning, but I adapted over time in that respect.

I firmly believe that the ability of group cooperation will benefit me even more when I step into university, which is why I considered this development to be significant.

What do you want to do once you’ve finished high school?

I aim to take computer science as my future major at university, and I’m working on it to improve my associated abilities.

I was informed that universities in London are generally high-quality and accommodation there will be proper and appropriate for college students. In general, I cherish every opportunity of obtaining a higher-level education in computer science. As a result, I intended to take programming or computer algorithms as a pursuable career.

What advice would you give to future Pre-University Course students?

I merely scheduled about half a day for the course, this regretful arrangement made me lose plenty of opportunities for optional online content. I will definitely reserve more time for that if I knew it earlier.

I was worried about the difficulty of the assessment of the course, but the arrangement of the topic was actually comfortable. I felt much easier with our tutors as the process went smooth and comfortable.