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Find out more about UCL scholarships for students on the Undergraduate Preparatory Certificate (UPC) programme.
Peter Bowman speaking to a student in a lab class

The Bowman Scholarships

These scholarships are for UK-based students affected by forced migration. Students from this background may not have qualifications for undergraduate study and funding for a degree course.

Three students working on an electrical engineering project

Telles Scholarship

These scholarships are for talented Brazilian students to access a world-class Electronic and Electrical Engineering education at UCL after studying the UPC.

An Undergraduate Preparatory Certificate lecture showing students from all over the world

UPC Progression Scholarship

This UCL scholarship awards students with £5,000 towards the tuition fees of an undergraduate degree at UCL. It’s awarded to the UPC student with the highest final grade at the end of the course on each pathway (Science & Engineering or Humanities).

Two students working on laptops

UCL Global Undergraduate Scholarship

The UCL Global Undergraduate Scholarship aims to enable and encourage international students from low-income backgrounds to pursue full-time undergraduate degree studies at UCL.