UCL Centre for Languages & International Education (CLIE)


Zeyu Zhao

This is Zeyu, he's originally from China. He progressed to Information Management for Business BSc following his international foundation year. Read more about his experience below.

Nationality: Chinese
Previous course at UCL CLIE: UPCSE (2016)
Progressed to: Information Management for Business BSc at UCL

Why did you choose to study at UCL?

I chose the undergraduate foundation course because UCL is one of the greatest universities in the world. The standard of academic research and the reputation attracted me to come here. The UPC supplies high quality learning resources and we could have a taste of university life in advance.

What is the UPC like?

The UPC is quite a helpful and useful course; each student here would get help from tutors, mentors and advisors. Every student who makes the effort will achieve their goals on this course.

I think the course is an excellent choice for anyone who is interested in attending the best universities but has not achieved the requirements.

London is also one of the most famous cities in the world, most of the people here are enthusiastic. You will find a totally different view compared to your previous life. The best thing about UCL is that you will find different opinions and different cultures since it is an international university.

How has an international foundation course like the UPC helped you in your degree?

The UPC helped me to improve my English in terms of academic writing and thinking. I also became familiar with university life. I learnt how to reference, and I developed presentation skills which are useful for my assessments.

What course do you study now and what is it like?

I am currently studying an Information Management for Business degree in UCL. It is quite a new course actually compared to other traditional courses since UCL does not have a Business College. IMB combines the components of business, management, programming and more.

We have 4 lectures and 4 seminars a week as well. My classmates are generally clever and hardworking. All the teachers are helpful and enthusiastic, most of them reply to our questions very quickly. Some assessments are group work and the rest are individual. In the group work, co-operation and engagement is crucial.

What do you want to do once you’ve finished your studies?

Hopefully I can get a job in investment or data analysis, as I will have a background in programming, analysis and some concepts of marketing, management and others once I have finished my studies.

What did you do when you were not studying for the UPC?

I made a lot of friends when I was in UCL so we always had frequent parties.  In the first year of the degree, I attended the business, technology societies. My favourite society is technology; they offered us some programming activities and puzzles activities which are quite interesting.

What advice would you give to a prospective UPC student?

My tips are “attend all the lectures and tutorials” and do the revision regularly!

Generally, UPCSE is an excellent choice for the students who are interested in attending the best universities but have not achieved the requirements. They also supply IELTS courses for the students who are aiming for other universities.