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UPC Entrance Tests

Find everything you need to know about our entrance tests, including what tests you need to take, how to take them and sample papers.

If you are successful at application stage, you will be asked to sit UPC entrance tests in the subject areas relevant to your chosen UPC course.

What tests do I need to take?

Critical Thinking (compulsory)Biology*
Mathematics (if choosing module)Chemistry*

*UPCSE applicants must take entrance tests in the two science optional modules they intend to study.

    Why do I need to take a test?

    The UPC entrance tests have been designed to help the Admissions Tutor decide whether you have an adequate level of knowledge and understanding for the UPC course.

    What score do I need to pass?

    You are required to score 50% or higher in each test to be considered for a UPC interview.

    When will I take the tests?

    If your application meets our entry criteria, you will be invited to take the entrance tests. The test date will be confirmed in your invitation email. There are scheduled entrance test dates, so when you take the UPC entrance tests will be guided by when you submit a complete UPC application.

    If your circumstances change after you submit your application and you are unable to attend the test, please inform us via email.

    On each test date, the test site will be open for 24 hours - from 22:00 (UK time) the day before your test, until 22:00 (UK time) on the day of your test. 

    On the day of your test day you are expected to start your first test at 09:00 (your local time) and your second test (if applicable) by 10:45 (your local time). 

    How do I take the tests?

    Entrance tests will be taken online using the UCL eXtend platform. Please see our guide on how to register on UCL eXtend.

    Please note that to take the test you will need to use a JavaScript enabled web browser. We recommend using Firefox, Chrome or Safari to take your test(s).

    On your test date, you will need to login to UCL eXtend with your eXtend username and password. Insert the password you have been given from us to access and take your test(s). 

    Entrance test instructions

    The test should be taken under exam conditions:

    • Your phone must be switched off and not in the room with you.
    • You may not use the internet or seek help from anyone.
    • You may, if you wish, use a dictionary for the entrance tests. We recommend non-technical dictionaries (English only or bilingual). Please note that the tests are designed so that you can complete them without dictionaries.
    • A simple electronic calculator* may be used for the Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics tests.
    • Please check that if you use an ad blocker that extend.ucl.ac.uk is approved in your settings.
    • If you are unwell on your test date, please do not start your entrance test. You must contact us (upc@ucl.ac.uk) so we arrange a later test date.

    If you experience any problems during the test(s) please contact the UPC Team (upc@ucl.ac.uk). We will only be able to respond during office opening hours (Monday-Friday 9am – 5pm).

    Sample UPC entrance tests

    Critical Thinking sample test 1 and 2 (including further guidance)Biology
    Mathematics sample test 1Chemistry
    Mathematics sample test 2Mathematics sample test 1
     Mathematics sample test 2
     Physics sample test 1
     Physics sample test 2

    We strongly recommend that you are familiar with the sample UPC entrance tests before applying for the course. The sample tests above will give you an idea of the style and level of questions you might be asked in your actual entrance tests.

    For Mathematics and Physics, two sample tests are provided. Applicants should familiarise themselves with both sample tests.

    Most UPC entrance tests comprise of 30 multiple-choice questions and the sample tests can be taken as a whole (30 questions) or 5 questions at a time. Feedback on your answers is provided.

    The score you receive for the sample test will be based only on your first attempt at answering the questions. Answering at least 50% of the questions correctly is a good indication that you may be ready to take the UPC entrance tests and if you have not already done so, you should think about submitting an application for the course. You should also see the list of the other entrance requirements for UPC admission.

    *Students taking the entrance test for Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics or Physics are permitted to use a calculator in their exam. Calculators with a memory are not recommended. A full list of calculators that are suitable can be found below:

    • Casio FX85GT X
    • Casio FX83GT+ (battery operated)
    • Casio FX85GT+ (solar powered)
    • Casio FX83MS (battery operated)
    • Casio FX85MS (solar powered)
    • Casio FX83ES (battery operated)
    • Casio FX85ES (solar powered)
    • Casio FX83WA (battery operated)
    • Casio FX85WA (solar powered).