UCL Centre for Languages & International Education (CLIE)


Module two: Research, Argumentation and Criticality

This module examines research methods used at graduate level, whilst developing your critical, analytical and argumentative skills needed at that level.

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Aims and objectives

  • To develop your awareness of the research methods and approaches to building knowledge used at Master’s level and to develop your skills of analysis and argumentation.
  • To provide you with the opportunity to practise these skills and familiarise yourself with the higher education system in the UK, its expectations and academic conventions.


By the end of the module you should be able to:

Criticality and argumentation

  • Recognise philosophies of enquiry
  • Develop a process for understanding and describing information
  • Analyse the relationship between information in texts and data
  • Clarify the meaning of a text in spoken or written form
  • Find and analyse arguments
  • Assess claims and arguments
  • Question evidence and propose alternatives
  • Present and defend arguments
  • Reflect on their learning critically

Research methods

  • Recognise and distinguish different approaches to research
  • Use a range of sources effectively to find information
  • Read and record information effectively
  • Follow the conventions of academic practice with regard to plagiarism

Study skills and independent learning

  • Use reflective practice to inform and improve your learning.
  • Use an awareness of the expected roles of students and teachers at UK higher education institutions to your advantage


You are assessed through a Reflective essay (800-1,000 words) as well as shorter reflective writing tasks (800-1,000 words).