These are the words and expressions you encountered in leestekst 3 in alphabetical order. Apart from specific expressions, words have been included in the form in which you would find them in the dictionary. You can find more information for some words if you click on the hot links.

aan here: to
broer brother
doen to do
dus so
eindexamen, het final exams
grappig funny
groeten regards
hen them
informatica computer science
kaart postcard
kennen to know (people)
met z’n allen together
nog steeds still
ouder parent
veel many, much
vol full
zusje, het sister

Family relations
  Below is an overview of some of the words for family members.
broer brother
dochter daughter
kind, het (plural: kinderen) child
kleindochter granddaughter
kleinzoon grandson
moeder mother
neef cousin (male), nephew
nicht cousin (female), niece
oma grandma (informal)
oom uncle
opa granddad (informal)
ouder parent
tante aunt
vader father
zoon son
zus(je) sister