UCL Centre for Languages & International Education (CLIE)


Online Dutch Course - Student Testimonials

"My online Dutch course through UCL's CLIE was an excellent experience.  I got all the flexibility one usually receives from a distance course but more importantly got a lot of one on one time with my personal course tutor.  She was great with accommodating my busy schedule and always had insightful comments to help me improve my Dutch.  If I ever need to improve my language skills in the future I know where to look."  Bob Tiegs (university student, US)

"I took Dutch beginners classes previously, but had trouble getting past the basics. The structure of the online beginners classes really helped me get a grip on the grammar, then broaden my vocabulary and understanding with exercises on interesting topics. I would highly recommend these courses for anyone wanting to learn Dutch." Kathleen Nafus (engineer, Belgium)

"The online intermediate Dutch course at UCL was first class with lots of interesting texts and exercises, always challenging and never boring. I had a great personal teacher - motivating and encouraging in a fun way. As a professional linguist, I found the course especially good as it went at a fast pace and enabled me to make real progress." Wendy Wingham (linguist, UK)

"The online course in Early Modern Dutch was extremely helpful for my research. Although it is taught online, it is very well-structured, with clearly defined exercises and drills. Rather than a straight translation course, the exercises are designed to draw the reader's attention to specific problems of translation and ambiguities in the assigned text. This is very helpful for anyone working directly with early modern sources. The instructor's vast scholarly knowledge and patience were great assets. I highly recommend it." A professor from New York University (US)

"I was a student on the intermediate Dutch course at the CLIE at UCL and all lessons were conducted via Skype. Even though I was a novice when it came to online learning, my tutor talked me through the technical problems and delivered the material clearly and in a manner which ensured that my skills in the Dutch language increased enormously. My personal tutor taught structured lessons, where the aim was made clear from the beginning, and she drew on the supporting online material. It was a pleasure to be a member of this course." Michael Clifford (translator, Germany)

"I have a full time job and my study is purely vocational and so the computer based courses provided by UCL have been absolutely brilliant for my situation. I can study or complete the work at a time to suit me and yet I have had the full back up of the University and staff to assist me with my learning. The course material and level of help has provided me with everything that I required and I would have no hesitation in recommending one of these courses of study. Distance learning over the internet is straight forward and provides a high quality academic package at an affordable cost." Graham Miles (financial advisor, UK)

"I have been learning Dutch at UCL for about 1 year now and it has been a  wonderful experience to participate in the online Dutch courses - fun and a convenient way of learning a new foreign language since I am from Singapore. The course is a combination of online lessons and one-to-one tutoring lessons via Skype with the teacher. There are many positive aspects I appreciate a great deal about the course: the online platform offers reading/listening materials about a specific topic which students can work on, followed by speaking practice via Skype with the teacher. The Skype lessons are very important to me since it happens very often that learners of a foreign language often lack the self-confidence to carry out a conversation with native speakers, because  they simply lack the exposure to speak the foreign language much in a traditional classroom setting. I highly recommend this high-quality course to everyone who is interested to learn to speak 'Nederlands' from a very qualified native language teacher!" Damien Ng (editor, Singapore)