UCL Centre for Languages & International Education (CLIE)


How to apply

Find out how you can apply for the Pre-sessional English courses, including the documents you will need to submit and how to pay your course fees.

Application process

UCL Institute of Education degree offer holders

UCL Institute of Education (IOE) degree offer holders interested in 12- and 8-week Pre-sessional English courses should apply for the separate UCL Institute of Education Preparation for Academic Studies in Higher Education course, and not for the CLIE Pre-sessional courses.

All other UCL degree offer holders

Applications for the CLIE Pre-sessional English courses are made directly via our website.

You can apply for our Pre-sessional courses by following these steps. 

    1. Check the Pre-sessional entrance requirements to find the course that you are eligible for.
    2. Complete the online application form, uploading all pages of your UCL degree course offer, your IELTS (see below for further guidance on the required English language qualifications), and the personal details page of your passport.
    3. Pay the application fee
    4. Wait to hear back from us via email. If you are offered a place on the course, our email will include information about how and when you need to pay the course fees.

    Incomplete applications

    Please note that the Pre-sessional English courses are normally very popular. If you submit an incomplete application and we have to write to you to request additional documents, it is possible that the course you wish to attend will be full before we are in a position to offer you a place.

    Required English language qualifications

    Students with unconditional offers for UCL degree courses can apply for the 12-, 8- or 6-week Pre-sessional English courses using any of the English language qualifications accepted by UCL.

    All other applicants for the Pre-sessional Courses requiring a visa to study in the UK will need an IELTS academic or IELTS for UKVI taken within two years of the Pre-sessional English course start date to be considered.  

    Minimum age requirements

    You will be 16 years of age or older at the start of the course.

    Deadline for applications

    We consider applications until the Pre-sessional Courses are full.

    Paying your fees

    Your place on a course is only confirmed when you have paid your fees. Course fees will normally be due within a maximum of 2 weeks of our offer being made and can be paid by credit/debit card on the UCL Online Store, or by bank transfer. Full details of how to pay the fees will be emailed with our formal offer. 


    Full refunds of course fees minus a £100 administration charge will be made in the event of formal visa refusals where a further visa application is not possible. Claims must be made in writing and be supported by the relevant Refusal of Entry Clearance letter. Other requests for refunds will be considered only in the event that a replacement can be found to take the applicant's place on the course.

    Please note that pro rata refunds of tuition fees for students withdrawing from a course of study after the commencement of the course will not be considered.

    Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)

    Conditional UCL degree offer holders

    At the end of the Pre-sessional Course, the course results will be sent to Central Admissions at UCL. Conditional offer holders who have met their offer requirements will then have their degree course offers made unconditional and they will be issued with a CAS. They can then apply for a Tier 4 visa to study in the UK.  

    Unconditional UCL degree offer holders

    Students with an unconditional offer should contact UCL Admissions regarding when a CAS for their degree course visa application can be issued.

    Switching courses

    If you are offered a place on one of the Pre-sessional courses and then retake IELTS, achieve a higher score and wish to do a shorter course, you will need to make a new application and pay an additional application fee to be considered.

    If you have already paid your course fees and wish to switch to a shorter Pre-sessional course, we will only consider this if all of the following criteria are met:

    • where there is someone to take your place on the original course
    • where a space is available in the course you wish to switch to
    • where there is sufficient time for the switch to be carried out.

    Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee to switch students between courses where fees have already been paid.