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EAP Office goes green

30 January 2018

Green tree

For the last year and a half, the English for Academic Purposes office team (Maha Al-Ginanni, Silva Olmez, Chris Metzger, John Firth, Markella Rouka and January Lopez -currently on maternity leave) has been working on a project to make their office and day-to-day processes more sustainable.

The EAP team's 'Green Project' aimed towards a paperless way of processing students' applications and other data. This initiative had to be carefully thought through and planned as it required the team to rethink and transform their current practices in order to ensure that the new paperless processes were efficient and effective for both staff and applicants, especially as the amount of student data processed is constantly rising.

Part of the 'Green Project' was to digitise paper student files. The goal was to free up space in the office, cut down on printing costs and ensure easy access to files via our computers' shared drive which also resulted in reduced backing up costs of the digital files. The archiving initiative started more than a year ago and was recently completed thanks to the team's intensive work. It took a considerable number of hours as they archived 15 years of courses.

EAP team

The EAP team will not stop here! They are constantly thinking of ways to limit the paper they use, raise awareness, engage more colleagues and overall continue making a contribution towards creating a more sustainable UCL. Please share any ideas you have with the team!