Jens Koed Madsen

Jens Koed Madsen

Research Interests

I am working on developing a theory of persuasion. How are we persuaded from believing A into believing B? The work is predominantly clustered around four elements. Mainly, pragmatic and contextual accounts of utterance comprehension, logic and Bayesian models of rationality, mental intention attributions, and socially shared representations. These elements are mainly informed by theories from rhetorical theory, philosophy, psychology, economic theory, and decision-making theories.

Peer-review Publications

In press

'Overtalelse' i et retorisk perspektiv, Rhetorica Scandinavica 61, xxx-xxx (pdf)

A cognitive supplement to rhetorical theory: Potential benefits from investigating neuroscientific evidence, to appear as a chapter in Rhetoric in Society III (pdf)


Harris, A., Hsu, A. & Madsen, J. K. Because Hitler did it! Quantitative tests of Bayesian argumentation using ad hominem, Thinking & Reasoning 18 (3), 311-343 (pdf)

Conference presentations, invited talks and posters


Persuasion: A puzzle for reasoning?, International Conference on Thinking 2012, Birkbeck University (talk)

Baeza Ruiz, A. & Madsen, J. K. The physical presence and persuasive potential of occupying a public sphere, PREOCCUPIED: The Words, Wounds and Workings of Occupations, Past and Present (talk)

Importance of contextual influences in argumentation processing, 13th International Conference on Language and Social Psychology (talk)

Bayesian rationality in persuasion studies, Formal, Informal and Experimental Approaches to Argumentation, University of Toulouse  (talk)

A holistic view of persuasion, Cumberland Lodge (poster)

Fragmenteret kommunikation, subjektiv rationalitet og logikkens begrænsninger (invited talk, University of Southern Denmark)

Bayesian reasoning as a fundamental aspect of language processing, Distributed Language Symposium (talk)


Logic in practical argumentation (invited talk, McGill University)

Persuasion, Vigilance, and Style ECREA Interpersonal Communication and Social Interaction Conference 2011 (talk)

Eksperimentel tilgang: Et indledende oplæg, (invited talk, Syddansk Universitet)

Challenges of persuasion, Cumberland Lodge (talk)

Cognitive Analysis of Persuasive Communication, Variation in Language Processing (talk)

A Cognitive Supplement to Rhetorical Theory, Rhetoric in Society III (talk)

Mckillen, A. & Madsen, J. K. The Linguistics of Internet Memes: Accounting for the Syntax and Pragmatics of ’Fail’, 9th International Conference on Arts and Humanities (poster)

Selected non-peer-reviewed publications


Lad os tage en dyb, sproglig indånding, commentary, Berlingske Tidende, 23 (pdf)

Tabte muligheder i forskeruddannelsen, Op-Ed, Politiken (pdf)


Den amerikanske tradition I nye klæder, RetorikMagasinet 78, 31-35 (pdf)

Moderne analytisk sprogfilosofi: Introduktion til relevansteori, Tanken 1, 9-12 (pdf)


Fucking Funeral, RetorikMagasinet 69, 31-35 (pdf)

Kommunikation med potentiale til mere, RetorikMagasinet 69, 26-27(pdf)


Når Journalistikken vil noget mere, RetorikMagasinet 66, 4-7. (pdf)


Jens Koed Madsen (CV)
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