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Materials Chemistry Conference Our fifth conference will run July 6th-8th 2022 in Daresbury. Please register ASAP.

Allocations: The new tighter constraints imposed on HEC consortia during phase 2 (cf phase 1) of total usage on ARCHER has resulted in a modified timetable of MCC meetings, and therefore lengths over which individual projects should run. Importantly, our total usage should be at a constant rate - trying to spend more near end of allocation periods (30 June and 31 December, as well as those determined by us) is not good practice. Any individual budget deemed to be underused, and therefore likely to have time unspent at the end of any of these allocation periods, may be reduced in order to maximise the benefit of ARCHER2 to our community. Likewise, time allocation periods on YOUNG is outside of our control; so the same rules apply here accept that allocation periods change end the end of March, June, Sept, and Dec and pro-rata gold will be allocated in each time period. I will be especially critical (and proactive) if MCC's total spend on either ARCHER2 or YOUNG is below that expected.

Last Face-to-Face meeting: 11:30-16:30, 6th January, 2020 - Chemistry Auditorium, Christopher Ingold Building, UCL (Chemistry), London WC1H 0AJ (Agenda)
Last (Virtual) General Meetings: Monday 25th January, Tuesday 13th July, Thursday 27th January, which followed the MCC Committee Meetings that was held on Friday 15th January, Friday 9th July, Friday 21st January.

Next (Virtual) General Meeting: Monday 18th July. The format of this meeting will follow a similar format to that used in January, and more details will be confirmed later. (Committee meeting will take place on Thursday 14th July, after which we intend to email any queries raised to individuals concerned before the start of the main meeting with the aim of addressing all queries by the end of July).

Applications from full MCC members for HEC resources for the period: 1st August 2022 to 31st January 2023 (please assume ARCHER2 and YOUNG are available during this period and that we have the same allocation for the next six month period to distribute as compared with the current six month allocation period for YOUNG and ARCHER2 (please justify any significant increases (group has expanded)); we also have an opportunity for several grand challenge projects (details will be sent directly to MCC members (group leaders)).

Call opens: 23rd June 2022
Call ends: midday Tuesday 5th July 2022

As usual,proposals should use the standard template and be sent to with one completed group summary form (see Applications for national HPC time). If submitting more than one proposal within a theme, please concatenate the proposals in that theme into one document so that the proposal requesting the most time resources starts on the first page, followed, on a new page, by the next most time resource request, etc. Within the group summary form, your group members requiring access to any time allocated must be listed in the table as I will be removing all connections at the end of this current period. Recent publications, qualifications and destinations of your group (which/whom benefited from access to ARCHER2/YOUNG) are NOT required in this form but should be added to our google form. The information for the google forms is no longer required on the proposals nor on the group summary form, but is very important this information is up-to-date as we need to compete an annual report to EPSRC in January and also this information is used in our completion of Researchfish. To help in this endeavour we also require an annual summary per theme from each group by the end of October using this template, where additional information and instructions can also be found.

Please note that there are a few changes to the first page of the proposal template. Changes include:

a) Within "justification for resources" please use CU and Gold as units for Archer2 and Young, respectively.
b) For "Total CU or Gold (MAU) request" near the top of your proposal, please also enter MAU within brackets after the request in CU or Gold. Use the following exchange rates: 1 CU = 1.5156k AU and 66.7 Gold = 1k AU. For example, if you request 500 CU, then please write 5,000 CU (7.578M AU).
c) The line for Group Cap etc. has changed to "Group Request (MAU)", "Previous Group Allocation(MAU)", and "If request much greater or less than previous request, please provide brief details why", as going forward we want to be more flexible to members' needs. Do not include what you submit for the Grand Challenge Project in your total for Group Request.
d) Submit as a pdf (for uploading onto our website).

A few reminders when completing the group summary form (template has not changed)

a) Enter requests in units of kAU (using the following exchange rates: 1 CU = 1.5156k AU and 66.7 Gold = 1k AU)
b) If you request gold and CU for a project, then enter the name of the project twice (once for each request)
c) To request ARCHER2 time enter "1" within the column headed "Tier 1/2" and "2" for YOUNG requests
d) Do not include carriage returns as these will cause a problem when merging group summary forms (which, if not spotted, will result in no time resources appearing in the column I use to allocate resources
e) Submit as a Word document (for easy merging into our Master document)

NB. Do not include details for Grand Challenge Proposals in the Group Summary Form, however, do use the new template for proposals for Grand Challenge Projects.

Finally, in the New Year, please remember to update the Google Docs with details of publications, qualifications gained (MSc and PhDs) and destinations (UKRI are keen to learn about careers of our team members).

Acknowledgements: When publishing work that benefited from resources allocated by the MCC: please include the following acknowledgment 'Via our membership of the UK's HEC Materials Chemistry Consortium, which is funded by EPSRC (EP/R029431), this work used the ' followed by the appropriate acknowledgement for ARCHER2, THOMAS, or YOUNG. For example, 'ARCHER2 UK National Supercomputing Service (' for ARCHER2, 'the UK Materials and Molecular Modelling Hub for computational resources, MMM Hub, which is partially funded by EPSRC (EP/P020194)' for THOMAS, and 'the UK Materials and Molecular Modelling Hub for computational resources, MMM Hub, which is partially funded by EPSRC (EP/T022213)' for YOUNG.

If space is limited, please ensure the name of the HEC platform, the phrase "Materials Chemistry Consortium" and *most importantly* any relevant EPSRC grant numbers (e.g. EP/R029431) is acknowledged.

For posters and talks, please include our logo.

All published work supported by CoSeC (software support of DL_POLY, ChemShell, Crystal, for example) should carry the following acknowledgment: 'This work made use of computational support by CoSeC, the Computational Science Centre for Research Communities, which was made available through our membership of the MCC HEC'. You may want to add any relevant CCP, or example' and CCP5'

When searching the literature, older work may include references to "HECToR" and "HPCx resources" and refer to funding by EPSRC with grant references of either EP/D504872 or EP/F067496.

Themed and Special Issues of MCC work: We have periodically organised a special issue of a high quality journal in order to help showcase the quality and board range of research undertaken by members, which required the use of HEC resources. Hyperlinks to these are given below on the right hand side under links to a list of our publications. A big thank you to all members who submitted manuscript(s) to these special issues.


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