RSC Solid State Group

30th Anniversary Christmas Meeting


Accommodation - Passfield Hall



Delegates should make their own accommodation arrangements directly with their choice of hotel or
hotel booking agency. For those who would like to stay in University Accommodation and/or like the idea
of staying in Passfield Hall which some of the original delegates did some 30 years ago, then we have
arranged for a number of rooms to be reserved (until 10th November 2010) for you.

Passfield Hall (which is run by the LSE) is very close to UCL's Chemistry Department and the rates are as follows:

  Single:   £34.20   Twin:   £52.20

There are also a very limited number of ensuite (single £54.00 and twin £68.40) and all prices include
To book at these discounted rates please email Martin Woolhead (m.woolhead at our contact at
Passfield Hall using the subject heading "Booking for SSG meeting".

For more details above Passfield Hall or other LSE Halls click here or for other hotel alternatives, click here