DFRL-UCL Potentials Library: Po

Database of Published Interatomic Potential Parameters


Potentials Library: Po
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PublicationAtom types supported
Woodley 1999
O2-, Ag+, Ag3+, Ce4+, Cu+, Fe2+, Ge4+, Mn4+, Nb5+, Pb+, Po4+, Rb+, Sn4+, Ta2+, Tl3+, Ti4+, U2+, V2+, V4+, Zr2+, Zr4+, Li+, Na+, K+, Mg2+, Ca2+, Sr2+, Ba2+, Fe3+, Ti4+, Al3+, Ga3+, Y3+, Pr3+, Nd3+, Gd3+, Eu3+, Tb3+, Yb3+, La3+

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