Structure Prediction of Clusters

Location: University College London

Thursday 10th to Friday 11th, September 2009

A Gordon style workshop will take place at University College London (Map:KLB-UCL) after the conference. Here we will explore and discuss in more detail recent developments in the methodology and application of global optimisation techniques to clusters, as well as methods used to map out the energy landscape by first locating transition, or saddle points. The stability of clusters in vacuum and other media (e.g. water), as well as correlating computed relative stabilites to magic numbers will be some of the themes to be discussed.

Ideally for this workshop to be productive, the number of participants will be restricted. If you are interested in participating by contributing a talk, please email me (Dr Scott Woodley) with details of your interests and title of proposed talk.

Participants include: Profs Richard Catlow (UCL), Christian Schoen (Max Planck, Stuttgart), and Roy Johnston (Birmingham).

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