Covid-19 Information

As a response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have decided to not hold the workshop on the originally planned workshop date. We hope to hold the workshop one year later, in 2021, and we will update this information once this is confirmed.

General Information

BIGW IV is the fourth edition of annual summer workshops on themes in geometry. The workshop will be held in the YHA Ilam Hall Hostel in the Peak District from 23 August 2020 to 29 August 2020, close to the river Manifold.

workshop poster showing a picture of the peak district


The topic for the workshop is "Calibrated Geometry and Geometric PDEs". The workshop will be mentored by Anna Fino (Università di Torino), Kotaro Kawai (Gakushuin University), and Johannes Nordström (University of Bath). During the workshop we will study: A compact G2-calibrated manifold with first Betti number b1=1, Stabilities of affine Legendrian submanifolds and their moduli space, and Gluing constructions for associatives (not yet published). A detailed schedule will be made available to participants around two months in advance. The schedules from the previous years give an idea of the format of the workshop.


The goal is to bring together a group of approximately 25 graduate students to work on a specific topic under the guidance of three senior mathematicians. The majority of the talks will be given by the participants, and there will be time in the afternoons and evenings for further discussions and more informal sessions. The character of the workshop is expository in nature, starting with the basic ideas and leading to a survey of the most recent developments in the field; no prior knowledge of the topic will be assumed. Since both the participants and the mentors will be living in the same building, we hope to create an informal, yet mathematically intensive, atmosphere.

Information for Participants

The workshop is targeted towards early career researchers, i.e. mostly PhD students. Interested early career researchers can apply by filling in the application form (click here to download) and sending it via email to benjamin.aslan.17 { at } with the title "BIGWIV application" (it is important that the title of the email is exactly this). Applications close on 31 May 2020, 11.59 pm UK time.

Food and gender separated accommodation are going to be provided and successful participants are required to pay a registration fee between £80 and £200 contributing towards these expenses. The exact amount will be announced here before applications close.

We welcome applicants, regardless of class or religion. We welcome applications from people with disabilities and aim to make adjustments wherever possible for them. We aim to counteract the underrepresentation of women in mathematics and the mathematical sciences and especially encourage women to apply to participate in the summer school.


The workshop is organised by:

All enquiries should be directed to Benjamin Aslan at the following e-mail address: benjamin.aslan.17 { at }

Information about Previous Workshops

Infos about the previous workshops can be found here:

We gratefully acknowledge funding and support from Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research, Department of Mathematics at the University College London, Foundation Compositio Mathematica, and the Simons Collaboration on Special Holonomy in Geometry, Analysis, and Physics.  

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