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2017 Events

Roundtable on Specialist Knowledge on Courts and Tribunals

Discussion Papers

UCL Research Misconduct Screening Panel Training Course

The aim of this UCL Research Misconduct Screening Panel Training Course is to enable those participating in research misconduct proceedings at UCL as members of a Research Misconduct Screening Panel to understand their roles and responsibiliites as Screening Panel Members and to be aware of the relevant details of UCL’s new Research Misconduct Procedure

Course Programme pdf

Skills for Tribunal Hearings and Decision Making - St Peter Port, Guernsey

Course Programme pdf 

Training the Trainer - St Peter Port, Guernsey


UCL Grievance Training Course

In association with UCL Human Resources 

Module One - 'Avoiding Grievances and the Informal Resolution of Grievances'

Module Two - 'Grievance Panel Training'

Module Three - 'Grievance Panel Decisions and the Respondent's Experience'

Dealing with Grievances

A UCL Staff Training Programme provided by the UCL Judicial Institute (Faculty of Laws) in association with UCL Human Resources.

The programme is made up of three half-day modules designed to enable staff to manage and participate in grievance procedures promptly, fairly and consistently. The three modules are designed for a wide range of UCL academic and professional services staff at all levels, including line managers, Heads of Department and other senior managers, and staff who serve on grievance panels.

The course provides participants with the opportunity to discuss issues around UCL’s grievance procedures with legal training experts from the Judicial Institute together with input from UCL’s HR team.

The aim of this UCL Grievance Training course is to enable those who may be required to manage and participate in grievance procedures to ensure that they are dealt with promptly, fairly and consistently.