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Fertility awareness

Radio 4 interview - March 29th 2016:

The Guardian April 15th 2016:

Donor anonymity and genetic testing

The Independent, April 2016:

Others April 2016

23 and Me

December 2014: Interview on the PM Show on Radio 4.

The interview can be heard 50 minutes into the show:

January 2015: Radio 4.

The interview can be hear from 10.00 – 19.30 mins.

Paternity testing

April 1st 2016: Radio 5 Live.

Interview from 50.10 mins and again at 57.47.

And Radio London the same day for the same interview

You Tube:

Inaugural lecture September 2015:

Joyce Harper UCL Lunch hour lecture: Reproduction without sex: What does technology have to offer? March 2016:

Egg freezing – can women have it all: March 2015

Long version:

Short version:

How a woman succeeds in a mans world – March 2015:

A guide to some of the new techniques used in IVF: April 2015:

Joyce Harper explains the menopause: April 2015

Joyce Harper discusses a 65 year old pregnant with quads: April 2015:


Debate as part of Progress Educational Trust:

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