Invited International Talks


7th International Conference on Early Prenatal Diagnosis, Israel
The use of FISH for genetic diagnosis and analysis of human preimplantation embryos
Genetics of Gametes and Embryos, USA
The detection of mosaicism and chromosomal abnormalities in normally fertilised human preimplantation embryos using FISH
XXXV National AOGOI Congress, Italy
Prenatal diagnosis in preimplantation embryos


Danish Society of Medical Genetics, Denmark
The use of FISH for the genetic analysis of human preimplantation embryos
ASRB workshop on gametes and embryo micromanipulation, Monash University, Australia
Embryo biopsy and preimplantation diagnosis of inherited disease
Brazilian Genetics Society, Brazil
Analysis of human preimplantation embryos using FISH
ESHRE campus workshop on chromosomal analysis of gametes, zygotes and pre-embryos, Maastricht
The study of mosaicism in pre-embryos using FISH


International Prenatal Diagnosis Meeting, India
Preimplantation Diagnosis of single gene defects and X-linked disease Chromosome abnormalities in preimplantation embryos
Counsil genetique et diagnostic prenatal, COMETH, Montpellier
Clinical and laboratory aspects of preimplantation diaganosis
PECO-EUCROMIC Conference on Prenatal Diagnosis, Prague
Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis
Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society Annual Meeting
Analysis of chromosome arrangements in human preimplantation embryos using FISH


First Post EUCROMIC satellite meeting, Genova
Chromosome mosaicism in preimplantation embryos
Brisbane IVF
Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis
IVF Unit, Thomson Fertility Clinic, Singapore
Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis
PECO-EUCROMIC Conference on Prenatal Diagnosis, Budapest
Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis
International meeting on Infertility and Assisted Reproductive Technology, Italy
Chromosome abnormalities in preimplantation embryos
SASRSS, South Africa
Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis
Chromosome mosaicism in preimplantation embryos
Swedish Society of Medicine, Stockholm
Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis
Molecular Biology, Clinical Perspectives, Italy
Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis


Danish Society of Medical Genetics, Copenhagen
Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis
ART in the year 2000, ESHRE campus workshop, Hamburg
FISH analysis of human preimplantation embryos
The use of FISH for preimplantation genetic diagnosis
International Prenatal Diagnosis meeting, LA
Aneuploidy in human preimplantation embryos; relevance to CVS
Nordic IVF meeting, Helsinki
Chromosome analysis of human preimplantation embryos
Middle East IVF Conference, Amman
Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis


IVF meeting, Sydney
Chaired session on PGD
PGD workshop, Brazil
Lectures and demonstrations on PGD
IVF meeting, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
PGD and genetics


IVF Meeting, Prague
Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis
International Prenatal Diagnosis meeting, Barcelona
Chromosome abnormalities in human embryos
ESHRE, Bologna
Report from the PGD consortium
Embryology meeting, Greece,
IVF meeting, Kuwait,


Symposium on PGD, Ahrensburg, Germany
PGD by polymerase chain reaction: what can be detected?
IVF meeting, Guwathi, India
SGI meeting, Canada
Ethical dilemmas in PGD
The embryo, fetus and perinatal periods, Sardinia
Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis
ESHRE, Switzerland
Consortium report
Prenatal and perinatal medicine, Barcelona
Protocols for PGD
IVF meeting, Dusseldorf, Germany
Preimplantation genetic diagnosis
Report from the PGD consortium
Reproductive Genetics Meeting, Florence
Preimplantation genetic diagnosis


Italian Cystic Fibrosis Meeting, Milan
Preimplantation Genetics, Cyprus
Results from the ESHRE PGD Consortium
IVF meeting, Istanbul
Introduction to genetics, PGD
International Prenatal Diagnosis meeting, Buenos Aires
Report from the PGD consortium
ESHRE, Vienna
Consortium results
Genesis and Fate of the Preimplantation Embryo- Intrinsic and Extrinsic Influences - Sorrento, Italy
Genetics of gametes and embryos


Was on maternity leave for first 4.5 months 2003
ESHRE Campus workshop on Preimplantation Diagnosis, Genk, Belgium
New diagnostics techniques in PGD: DNA fingerprinting, mini sequencing and comparative genomic hybridisation
Preimplantation Genetics, Antalya, Turkey
PGD Consortium Experience for Mendelian Disorders


ART workshop, Chang Mai
Embryo biopsy/assisted hatching
FISH analysis of single cell
PGD: World-wide experience
12th International Clinical Genetics Seminar on Prenatal Diagnosis, Athens
Current status of PGD
ESHRE Pre congress workshop, Berlin
Looking back at predicted dangers: general evolution and future of PGD
International Society of Prenatal Diagnosis, Budapest
Future of PGD
Royan Institute International Research Award Congress, Iran
Preimplantation genetic diagnosis


European Society of Cytogeneticists, Madrid
Chromosome analysis in human preimplantation embryos
Was on maternity leave for last 4.5 months 2005


European Board and College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Turin
PGD - Genetic disease
International Society of Prenatal Diagnosis, Japan
Current status of PGD
European Society of Human Genetics, Amsterdam
Abbot symposium – Clinical use of FISH for PGD
ESHRE, Prague
ESHRE PGD Consortium Data Collection
Plenary Lectures, Nordic PGD meeting and annual IVF congress, Helsinki
PGD – where are we now and where do we go?


ART & Perinatology Hand in Hand for Healthy Generation, Saudi Arabia
The use of PGD Techniques for Translocation, Inversion and Aneuploidy Screening
Factors Affecting Preimplantation Embryo Development
Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis: An Update of Current Status and the World Figures
PGDIS, Australia
World figures in PGD
ESHRE PGD Consortium Data Collection
Chinese Fertility Society, China
Current status of PGD


Genetics for ART practitioners, Athens
Organisation of a PGD Centre
ISPD, Vancouver
Moderator for debate on PGS and chair of session
PGDIS, Spain
ESHRE data
Spanish Fertility Society, Spain
PGS for age
ESHRE, Spain
ESHRE consortium
Quality Management System and Accreditation in PGD Clinics and Laboratories, Brno, Czech Republic
Organisation of a PGD lab and the need for accreditation
Continued professional development


ESHRE, The Netherlands
ESHRE data and chair of session
PGDIS, Miami – chair of session
FIGO, Cape Town
Keynote lecture - Update on PGD


Celebration of 20 years of PGD, Athens: 13 years of PGD
ESHRE, Rome: ESHRE data
ESHRE, Rome: Organiser of post congress course on a Celebration of 20 years of PGD, Talk on – The history of PGD
PGDIS, France: Update on the world data
ISPD, The Netherlands: Organiser of the scientific sessions on PGD, Talk on - What is new in PGD
Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society, Vancouver: PGD
2nd meeting of the Cyprus Society Human Genetics, Cyprus: What is new in PGD
First meeting Cyprus Embryologist, Cyprus: 20 years of PGD – what have we learnt?


Annual perinatal symposium, Switzerland: Preimplantation Diagnosis: state of the art 2011
1st International Conference in Genomic Medicine at King Abdulaziz University: Keynote Speaker, What is new in PGD
European Society of Human Genetics, Amsterdam: What is new in PGD
Russian National Congress “Debatable questions of modern obstetrics”, St Petersburg: The current status and future prospects of PGD
Merck-Serono sponsored tour of Sweden: talks in Stockholm and Malmo: Preimplantation genetic screening
ESHRE Campus Workshop, Comprehensive Chromosome Screening, Maastricht: Micro Arrays: possible applications in PGD/PGS
American Society of Hemotology symposium, San Diego: Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis for Genetic Blood Disorders


IVF and PGD workshop, Chang Mai, Thailand: Introduction to microarrays
Clinical application and potential use of microarrays in ART
Current use and pitfalls of FISH in PGD/PGS
International Society of Prenatal Diagnosis, Miami, Preimplantation genetic screening
ESHRE/ESHG; Interface between ART and Genetics, Brussels: PGD
Irish Fertility Society 6th Annual Scientific Meeting, Dublin: Current status and future prospects of PGD
Annual meeting of the German IVF groups, Cologne: PGD - where do we stand after 20 years?


17th world congress on IVF, Tunisia: Keynote lecture: Does PGD/PGS have a real impact on ART efficiency?
ESHRE campus workshop: Genetics for ART practitioners, Rome: Organisation of a PGD lab
Bringing evidence based innovations to your clinic, Leuven: When and how should new technology be introduced into the IVF laboratory
IFFS/ASRM 2013 Conjoint Meeting, Boston, USA: Update on PGD
Mild stimulation in IVF, Kosovo: Methods of embryo selection: invasive and non invasive
1st scientific symposium on Human Reproduction, Athens, Greece: New technologies in IVF
Jordan Fertility Society, Jordan: PGD
Irish Fertility Society PGD workshop, Dublin, Ireland: Genetic testing and PGD, Organisation of a PGD lab, New technology in IVF
9th European Cytogenetics Conference, Dublin, Ireland: Quality assessment and control in a preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) laboratory
ESHRE campus workshop, Barcelona, Spain: Ideal paradigms of hypothesis-driven basic research when introducing new techniques


19th Annual Conference ISAR, Gurjarat, India: PGS state of the ART and took part in workshop
New modalities in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of genetic disorders, Kuwait: An update on the current practice of PGD and PGS, PGD Consortium world data on PGD and PGS
2nd scientific meeting of the Hellenic Society of Reproductive Medicine, Novel technologies in medicine and medical tourism, Athens, Greece: Update of PGD and PGS
Nordic Scientific meeting: The future of IVF- A brave new world, Stockholm, Sweden: Introduction of new techniques into the IVF lab
Vitrolife IVF training workshop, Denmark: Embryo selection


Molecular Diagnostics Europe, Lisbon, Portugal: The current status of PGD and PGS
Theoretical-Practical Workshop About Preimplantation Diagnosis, Milan, Italy: Current status of PGD and PGS
ESHRE Campus symposium; an update on PGS, Rome, Italy: An update on PGS
ISPD, Washington, USA: Debate: Should PGS be offered to all patients undergoing ART/PGD
Reproductive rights, new reproductive technologies, and the European Fertility Market, Santander, Spain: New technologies in IVF; how should they be validated?


New Horizons in IVF, Cairo, Egypt: Workshop: Embryo biopsy, Update of PGD: Main conference: Chromosomes and meiosis, PGD past the hype, new technologies in IVF
New developments in IVF and PGD, Nicosia, Cyprus: New technologies in IVF, Introduction to PGD
EART, Delhi, India: Ran workshop on PGD
Kolling Institute NSLHD Research Seminar Series, Australia: Reproduction without sex; what does technology have to offer?


ESHRE campus workshop, Where to draw the line…, Geneva, Switzerland: New Technologies – when should we use them?

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