Joint Research Office


Welcome to the JRO, Dr Nick McNally

Dr Nick McNally

Welcome to the Joint Research Office website and finding out more about how the JRO can help you with your research.

The JRO brings together expertise in research support, regulation, clinical trials, contracting, quality control and assurance, finance and study design and statistics. 
Since it was established in 2005 at University College London Hospitals and UCL, the JRO has gone from strength to strength. 

Underpinning our work is an ethos of a single UCLH/UCL clinical research portfolio making the advancements in healthcare that will ultimately help improve the lives of patients and care provided by UCLH. Our aim is to enable that portfolio through working directly with researchers and other stakeholders to provide accessible, knowledgeable, proportionate and efficient support activities. 

The JRO's work broadly fits within 3 categories: we support the clinical research portfolio through services such as sponsorship, feasibility, financial management and guidance; we run a quality system for research through our work in Quality and Safety, Quality Assurance, new policy development and statistics and study design; we support growth in the research portfolio through supporting UCLH's Research Hospital vision, support for our NIHR infrastructure, notably the NIHR Biomedical Research Centre and Clinical Research Facility, and through close working with clinical divisions and service support departments and other research support functions at UCLH and UCL.