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Researchers wanted to offer summer placements to disadvantaged students

11 April 2022

The charity In2scienceUK is looking for researchers who can provide lab placements this summer for A-level students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The aim of the scheme is to inspire and motivate these young people to study and pursue STEM careers, and to improve diversity in the STEM sector.

Placements will take place in Summer 2022 for 1-2 weeks.

Last year, 76 mentors at UCL and UCLH hosted 246 students on the programme. We hope to reach similar levels of support for the programme this year.

The deadline for applications to host a student or students is Friday 22 April. To apply, complete an online application form here.

Researchers and PhD students who take part can count the placement as evidence of public engagement in grant applications and In2scienceUK are able to provide letters of support for this.

In2scienceUK shortlists students based on most need and matches them with researchers.

In2scienceUK provides students with a bursary to cover their lunch and travel expenses, and supports volunteers to identify and do the admin involved in hosting a placement.

Researchers can host one or more students. A team of researchers can host a student, but one person is asked to be the student’s main contact.

Read FAQs about hosting a placement.

Placements will enable students to learn about STEM careers, develop key skills and boost their applications for university and future education.

During the placement, researchers find suitable tasks for students to complete to involve them in research projects, and advise students on career options.

In2scienceUK provides suggestions for hands-on and hands-off placement activities, and the students will have writing and creative competitions to work towards during any downtime.

Read a case study from student Grace on the impact of her placement at UCL last year.

Find out more about the scheme.