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UCL team seeking insight from researchers on involving the public in rapid qualitative research

30 June 2021

A UCL team want to hear from researchers across the UK about their experience of involving patients and the public in rapid qualitative research.


The team, led by principal investigator and medical anthropologist Dr Cecilia Vindrola and lead researcher Katie Gilchrist, will explore the experiences of research teams carrying out rapid qualitative research. They are part of the Rapid Research, Evaluation and Appraisal Lab (RREAL) at UCL, and their work will form part of a larger study that has examined the experiences of research teams using qualitative data to inform changes in practice and policy in time-sensitive contexts.

Several approaches have been developed for the active involvement of patients and members of the public in health services research. However, according to RREAL, there are current debates in relation to the timing of patient and public involvement, the length and intensity of involvement and the difficulties of setting up patient advisory groups in time-sensitive contexts. The aim of their study is to capture the views and experiences of teams carrying out rapid qualitative research on health-related topics to understand the challenges they have faced while integrating PPI in their study designs and implementation and the strategies developed to overcome them.

Dr Cecilia Vindrola said: “The findings from our study will be invaluable and will be used to capture wider lessons for researchers carrying out rapid qualitative studies with patient and public involvement.

By having a wide range of researchers take part in the study, they will help us understand current practices, facilitation, and challenges in integrating PPI in research studies.”

The study is estimated to last for a year and involvement is free and low risk.

For more information on what participation will involve, potential benefits and risks of taking part, please contact Dr Cecilia Vindrola at c.vindrola@ucl.ac.uk.

To obtain more information about the RREAL team, visit their website.