Joint Research Office


Interim changes to JRO process for reviewing UCL/UCLH GMO trial risk assessments

24 June 2020

There is a new interim process for submitting risk assessment documents for GMO-IMP trials (clinical trials which use an investigational medicinal product considered to be a genetically modified organism) at UCL or UCLH.

Investigators should now submit documents to the JRO via uclh.randd@nhs.net and mark this as a 'GMO risk assessment'.

Alternatively, UCL investigators – or investigators on UCL sponsored trials – can complete the GM risk assessment form via UCL RiskNet. Further details are here.

Previously documents were sent directly to the UCL/UCLH/RFH Genetic Modification Safety Committee chair Professor Emma Morris, but she has now stepped down from the post.

The Approval of hosted clinical trials using IMPs which are considered to be GMOs UCLH Policy will be updated in due course.