Joint Research Office


SOPs on peer review and incident reporting updated this month

29 April 2020

The JRO has released two updated SOPs this month.

Peer Review requirements for UCL/UCLH sponsored studies (all study types)

This SOP provides information on:

  • The level of peer review required for different types of study
  • The main points that should be considered when conducting a peer review
  • Who should conduct peer review
  • How evidence of peer review should be provided to the JRO.

Read our summary document for researchers.

Research incident reporting for UCL/UCLH sponsored non-CTIMPs

This SOP:

  • outlines the JRO’s reporting requirements for non-CTIMPs that are sponsored by UCL and UCLH, and managed by the JRO (Research Management and Governance team)
  • describes when, how and where research events, incidents and complaints should be reported to the JRO as Sponsor
  • says how these are investigated by the JRO Research Quality and Safety Unit (RQSU).

For any questions about research incident reporting, please contact research-incidents@ucl.ac.uk.