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Patient Flag now live on e-CareLogic system

10 September 2015

The UCLH Research Patient Flag is now live on the UCLH electronic records system e-CareLogic (CDR).

From 21 September 2015 all clinical trials registered at the UCLH R&D office will have to assign the flag to newly recruited patients.

The first patients to be flagged will therefore appear on CDR from mid-October 2015. An R&D icon will appear alongside the patient CDR entry once the patient is recruited to a clinical trial (drug and implantable device) at UCLH.

All users will be able to view study information which may assist in patient care and in the decision to enrol patients to new trials.

Clinical staff will have instant access to the list of trials which the patient has enrolled on, details of each trial (summary, protocol, patient information sheets) and contact details for the lead investigator and nurse at UCLH.

Research staff will be able to see if patients are currently enrolled on other trials, retain 'research lists' within CDR for their trials portfolio and access data on the numbers of patients recruited to each of their trials.

Staff consenting patients and assigning a research flag will be provided with access to specific studies at the point of NHS permissions. Training will be provided at this point by the R&D office, which will also create each research list. If you require extra staff to be trained contact the R&D office at research@uclh.nhs.uk.

Staff information cards are also available. Contact R&D if you wish to receive additional copies.

Researchers should therefore ensure that all staff taking consent are listed on the studies' site specific information forms. All staff must have gained access to CDR through their appropriate divisions prior to being provided access to this function.

All staff with access to CDR will be able to view the details of the study but will not be able to make any edits to the study.