Joint Research Office


Two studies approved through Harmonisation pilot

14 February 2013

Two studies have been approved through the pilot Harmonisation process.


Following the launch of the Harmonisation Project last October the first two studies have been approved. 

The first study was approved in a total of 27 days within the agreed timeline, 70 calendar days, and all other reviews were also promptly completed.

The Harmonisation Project works by streamlining the NHS permission process across UCL Partners for all commercial studies. Contrary to the previous process, there is just one NHS permission for all sites within UCLP. This includes one costing, one contract, one Pharmacy and one medical exposure review. Commercial organisations are now available to open more sites at the same time, thereby opening their research to a wider population.

UCLH is one of four permission hubs to serve the area, and is currently processing around 30 studies to take place across the patch. Initial feedback from the Harmonisation project group indicate the project is a success and having an impact.

This pilot phase will be carried out until 31 March 2013, during which, turnaround times will be closely monitored as well as the number of studies which are opened at multiple sites.