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Core Messages

Core EPIC Messages for Week 2: All Research at UCLH

 All studies (with the exception of those except by the JRO) must associate patients to EPIC and then associate encounters and orders to the study/patient (refer to EPIC tip sheets on Insight for a reminder on how to do so).

· Transitional patients (i.e., consented and on research procedures at the time of go-live) should be associated to the study within EPIC by the research teams – the deadline for Clinical Trials (drug studies) to do so is no later than  12th April. You will not be able to prescribe accurately unless this is completed. The deadline for surgical and implantable devices  is 12th April 2019 and for all other transitional studies is 22nd April 2019.  

· Avoid paper – use EPIC: However, if you do need to consider revert to paper you must raise a ticket and discuss with a senior member of the EHRS team prior to using paper. The dedicated 24/7 phone line for these requests is 07970 699459.This includes requests to paper prescribe.

· All prescribers should complete the “prescribing” e-learning module in the Epic e-learning section of the UCLH learning portal and refer to the outpatient prescribing tip sheets on Insight.

· Selecting the Pharmacy for Outpatient Prescriptions: As part of the outpatient prescribing process in Epic, the pharmacy from which a prescription should be dispensed is set as a default. This should usually be correct. However, prescribers should check and if incorrect, prescribers have the option to change to the correct pharmacy.

· Patients recruited prior to go-live: Recruitment numbers will now be reported from EPIC for all patients recruited to studies after 31st March 2019. Please ensure that any patients recruited before go-live are brought up to date on Edge as quickly as possible. Please note, portfolio adopted studies still require recruitment to be added to CPMS in the usual way. Please contact the JRO Data Team on uclh.randd@nhs.net if you require any assistance.

· Issues with locating studies on EPIC: if you cannot find your study on EPIC, try using the short title, key words, and the REC or EUDRACT number. If all fails, contact the JRO EPIC Support Centre on 020 3447 5554. 

· Protocol and/or GCP compliance: report as normal via Datix ensuring you answer “yes” to “was this patient taking part in a clinical trial or research project “.

· Access for external monitors: speak to the JRO asap. Access will need to be formally requested.


· UCLH Research and Development Pages on INSIGHT


· UCLH Super Users and Floor walkers 

· JRO EPIC research support Centre (020 3447 5554)

· Download the EPIC App for UCLH