Joint Research Office


All research studies taking place at UCLH

All research activity at UCLH is currently suspended unless the study falls into the priority/permitted categories outlined in the UCLH Research Directorate Covid-19 recommendations.

The recommendations were approved by the Trust’s Research and Innovation Committee on 16th March and were cascaded thereafter.

Amendments in line with regulatory and local changes are frequently made to the policy. All PI’s are asked to refer to the JRO website for the latest version of the policy. An important update regarding active interventional studies has recently been inserted to clarify the status of studies who will utilise remote/telephone visits.

The list of studies to remain open has been finalised and circulated to UCLH service support departments (including pharmacy, radiology, nuclear medicine, HSL). Due to pressure on the service, the service support departments will only process research requests for studies which appear on the list.

All other studies at UCLH are automatically considered as suspended in line with the Trust approved recommendations. Records within the JRO, EDGE and EPIC will be  updated during the week of the 6th April to reflect these suspensions (details of the status change “labels” will be published on the JRO website and on MyUCLH. The change to studies will also be reflected onto UCLH Keytrials, the public facing database of UCLH studies.

Any researchers who feel they have priority studies but have not yet notified the JRO should make immediate contact with the JRO (via uclh.randd@nhs.net) with the full details of the study and rationale for the study remaining open.

Research into Covid-19 is now underway at UCLH. Studies range from observational, data through to therapeutic and interventional trials. Each requires immediate, skilled resources to support.

The Research Directorate maintains a list of UCL and UCLH staff who can be redeployed from existing research studies to support this Covid portfolio. This includes but is not limited to data managers, coordinators, managers, QA, administration, Nurses, HCAs, technicians.

Should you have staff who could be deployed to support Covid studies, please contact the JRO immediately via Sham Islam (Shamimul.Islam@nhs.net)