UCL Jill Dando Institute of Security and Crime Science


Knowledge transfer: Predictive mapping

PI:  Professor Shane Johnson
Funding:  ESRC

Project objectives

A portfolio of academic research conducted by staff at the UCL Department of Security and Crime Science demonstrates that there are regularities in crime patterns that can facilitate a better understanding of crime problems and help to predict future patterns of crime.

To translate the academic research findings into something actionable that can be used in a police context, this ESRC funded project had the following objectives, to:

  1. examine the way that police analysts conduct analyses on a day-to-day basis and to identify forms of analysis that are not currently possible but that might be of value;
  2. discuss cutting-edge academic research and explore how it might inform operational policing; and,
  3. develop and assess the potential utility of software to perform analyses that are perceived to be useful by the police. (See download link below.)


Bowers, K. J., & Johnson, S. D. (2014). Crime mapping as a tool for security and crime prevention. In M. Gill (Ed.) The Handbook of Security. Palgrave MacMillan.


Details of how to use the JDI Near-Repeat Toolkit, including download links for the manual and software can be found by clicking here.