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In 1999 one of Britain’s best-loved public figures, the broadcaster Jill Dando, was murdered outside her home in west London. Her co-presenter on Crimewatch, Nick Ross, proposed a memorial to her in the form of a university institute devoted to a new scientific approach to tackling crime - crime science. The Jill Dando Fund was set up and UCL was selected to host the Jill Dando Institute. The JDI came into being on the 26th April 2001, the second anniversary of Jill Dando’s death, under the inaugural Directorship of Professor Gloria Laycock.

In 2009, the Department of Security and Crime Science was established in order to facilitate the offering of post-graduate taught and research courses. JDI remains as a research institute that spans UCL, drawing expertise from many other university departments with an interest in security and crime reduction.

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