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Who was William Jevons?

William Stanley Jevons
The Jevons Institute has been named after William Stanley Jevons, one of the foremost economists of the 19th Century.

William Stanley Jevons was one of the foremost economists of the 19th century.  He was one of the main British contributors to the marginalist revolution in economic thought of the 1870s and one of the founders of modern economic science.  

Aside from his pathbreaking worth as a theorist, Jevons helped pioneer the practical use of economic statistics and was on the first exponents of modern econometric methods.  Jevons was a student at the college and went on to become a professor at UCL.

Our activities

The Jevons Institute is involved in the following regular activities.

UCL Annual Antitrust and Regulation Forum 

This is a workshop held in London on topical themes of Antitrust Law and Regulation to which international antitrust experts are invited. 

Colloquia on Antitrust and Regulation 

This is a by-invitation-only annual event with roundtable discussions on a theme of interest in antitrust and regulation policy and enforcement. It is now held in Washington DC. The first Colloquium held in May 2006 focused on the antitrust aspects of two-sided markets.


Selected papers presented at the UCL Annual Forum and the Colloquia are published in Competition Policy International.


The Jevons Institute is pleased to recognize the following companies and organizations, each of which have contributed to support our mission:

  • Allen & Overy
  • Clearly Gottlieb
  • CRA Charles River Associates
  • Linklaters

Sponsorship opportunities

The activities of the Jevons Institute, including its external events, is partially financed through the support of donors. External funding helps the Jevons Institute maintain and develop programmess concerning the law and economics of competition policy.

Support of donors is acknowledged on the Jevons Institute's publications, materials and website.