International Student Support



Enrolment begins your life as part of the UCL community. When you arrive at UCL you need to enrol in person on your programme of study, pay your tuition fees (if you have not already done so), and get your UCL student identity card.


Pre-enrolment is an online service which involves you adding your personal details on Portico (the UCL Student Service).

  • When you complete pre-enrolment you are issued with an in-person appointment which you need to attend in order to complete your enrolment at UCL.
  • Only students who have firmly accepted an unconditional offer to study at UCL will be invited to pre-enrol.
  • Pre-enrolment will open at the end of November for students starting in January.
  • When your record is ready for you to pre-enrol, UCL will send you an email to invite you to pre-enrol and will provide further information how to do this.

To receive all correspondence in a timely manner, it is essential that you provide UCL with a valid personal email address which you check regularly.

What documentation should I bring to enrolment?

There are a number of documents you will be required to provide at your in-person enrolment appointment.

All students should make sure they are able to produce their Student Reference Number on request. You will find your Student Reference Number on your offer letter from UCL. Please bring a copy of your offer letter with you when you come to enrol.

In addition to this, you will be asked to provide:

  • An accepted form of photographic identification. UCL's preferred form of identification is a valid passport, or for EU/EEA students, a European National Identity Card will also be accepted.
  • If you are coming to study at UCL from outside the EU/EEA/Switzerland, the presentation of a valid passport and visa to study in the UK is a mandatory requirement. You will need to provide evidence that you have permission to be in the UK that has not expired, does not prohibit study and does not prohibit study at UCL. Information on whether you require a visa to study in the UK, how to apply, guidance notes and application forms are available from the GOV.UK website.
  • If you have a Tier 4 visa, you will need to have collected your BRP prior to enrolling.
  • If you are registering at UCL while your application for a visa is in process of being considered in the UK, you must ensure that you have copies of your passport details page and your previous leave to remain in the UK and bring with you any acknowledgement that you have from the Home Office of your application. Without this, we cannot enrol you. If you enrol while your application for a Tier 4 visa at UCL is pending with UKVI, you do so at your own risk. If you are refused a visa, we would not be able to sponsor you and you will be required to leave the programme and the UK.
  • If you are successful with your application, it is important that you take your passport and visa to the Student Centre as soon as possible for scanning.If you are successful with your application, it is important that you take your passport and visa to the Student Centre as soon as possible for scanning.
  • If you are a non-EU/EEA or Swiss citizen you might need an ATAS certificate. Please see the International Student Support page for information and which departments require you to have an ATAS certificate.
  • If you have not yet done so, you will also need to pay your tuition fees, or provide evidence of a sponsor if you have not already done this (see the Pay Your Fees page for more information).
  • If you have obtained a short-term study visa, you will need to bring a printed copy of your visa application with you to your enrolment appointment.

Please note, if you are an EU/EEA student and intend to participate in any volunteering activities during your time in the UK, it is likely you will need to have a Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) check. To verify your identify you will need to provide a valid passport, European National Identity Cards are not accepted for DBS checks. For further information, please contact the Volunteering Services Unit

UCL is not permitted to allow students to enrol without the correct documentation so please make sure that you have all the required documentation before you travel to UCL.

Students travelling through the Common Travel Area

Students may wish to travel to the UK via the Republic of Ireland, also known as the Common Travel Area (CTA). For those who travel to the UK via the CTA, there is no immigration control on arrival in the UK, which can cause problems for those who require a visa to study in the UK.

Tier 4 students

When a Tier 4 visa holder enters the UK having departed from the Republic of Ireland, the passport will not be stamped by a UK Border Force official. If the visa holder enters the UK on or after the start date of the Tier 4 visa, the visa is self-activated without the requirement for a Border Force officer’s stamp. Therefore no further action is required.

Short-term Study visa students

Please note this information is for nationals of the USA, Japan, South Korea and other non-visa nationals who are planning to travel to the UK via the Republic of Ireland and enter the UK on a Short-term Student visa. You can check whether the country you are a citizen of appears on the visa national list (you will need to open up the heading 'Appendix 2. visa national list').

As a non-visa national, if you arrive in the UK from the Republic of Ireland, you will not be able to apply for the Short-term Study Visa at the UK border as there is no immigration control at the UK arrival point. You should therefore apply for your UK visa (either a Short-term Study visa or Tier 4 visa) in your home country before travelling to the Republic of Ireland.