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ChangeMakers Project

"Student Integration & Inclusion: Making the UCL community even more welcoming"

The UCL International Student Support team are working in collaboration with a team of current UCL students on a ChangeMakers research project entitled "Student Integration & Inclusion: Making the UCL community even more welcoming". Further information about the project can be found below, and these pages will be updated as the different stages progress.


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The Student Integration & Inclusion project will aim to establish the extent to which students across campus integrate with the wider UCL community, with a particular focus on EU and international students. Following the decision of the British public to leave the European Union, it's now increasingly important to make sure that all students at UCL feel welcomed, happy and able to fulfil their potential and make the most of their study experience.

Project team

The project team is made up of staff from the International Student Support team and 4 current UCL students. Their details can be found below:

Student Project Leader - Beatrice Emanuele

Student Project Assistants - Lizzie Metcalf, Ho Fung Kisum Chan and Xaviera Gonzalez-Wegener

Student Team

Current updates

  • The project team distributed a questionnaire which was open to all UCL students. They conducted follow up interviews with 9 current students to better understand their views on feeling a sense of inclusion and the integration of different student groups at UCL.
  • The data from the questionnaire and student interviews has now been analysed and a report will be available in Autumn 2017, including recommendations for concrete actions that students and staff can take to ensure UCL remains welcoming and inclusive.
  • The team have also produced a short video which outlines the key findings from the project, which can be found below. 

If you have any questions or comments about the project, please contact the International Student Support team.

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