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Live@UCL – Thunderbird 17 Setup (Windows 7)

Step 1. In Thunderbird, select Create a new account


Step 2. Select the Skip this and use my existing email option


Step 3. You will then be prompted with the following dialog box requesting for you to fill in your email account details.

Your name = Your name how you what it to be displayed

Email address = Your UCL email address (

Password = Your UCL password

Click Continue once the fields have been populated.


Step 4. Thunderbird will now attempt to set up your email account and will fail. You will then be presented with additional mail settings which you will need to fill in. Populate the necessary fields to appear like the following diagram then click Re-Test

Incoming =,   IMAP = 993, SSL/TLS

Outgoing =,   SMTP = 587

User Name =


Step 5. The warning message will now change to The following settings were found by probing the given server. The Done button will now also be active. Click on the Done button to complete the setup.


Step 6.  Once the account has been created, you will see your account appear on the left side navigation pane as indicated in the diagram below. If you click on the arrow to the left of your account name, this should expand to show all your personal folders.


Important Additional Settings

Copies & Folders

Step 1.  Go to the Applications Menu > Options > Account Settings. This is located on the top right-hand corner of the Thunderbird program.


Step 2. 
 Under the Live account, select Copies & Folders on the left side pane. 

Step 3.  Under When "Sending messages automatically" click the Other radio button and navigate to your live account and then the Sent Items folder as shown in the diagram below. Once this has been done, click OK to save.


Step 4. Go to the Applications Menu > Options > Account Settings

Step 5.  Under the Live account, select Server Settings on the left side pane. 

Step 6.  Under Server Settings, "When I delete a message", click the Move it to this folder radio button.  Then under your live account, navigate to the Deleted Items folder as shown in the diagram below. Once this has been done, click OK to save.


Thunderbird Attachments

The following information documents the work around to allow Thunderbird to download attachments in full. This problem generally occurs when trying to download large attachments in Thunderbird. By default, Thunderbird downloads attachments in chunks and sometimes it doesn't download all of the chunks. The following explains how to force it to download attachments in one go.  Failure to complete this step can cause issues with downloading attachments and any subsequent data migration of said E-mails.

1. Open Thunderbird and go to Applications Menu > Options.

2. Go to the Advanced tab > General > Config Editor...

3. Type in mail.server.default.fetch_by_chunks in the Filter field. Set value tofalse using toggle.

4. Type in mail.imap.mime_parts_on_demand in the Filter field. Set value to false using toggle.