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live@UCL: Wave15 upgrade Impact to Service

Note: If you encounter any issues accessing your email, please use Outlook Web App (OWA) at  See the OWA guide for more information.

Now the Wave 15 (Exchange 2013) upgrade to the live@UCL service has almost completed…

.....Take Action if you use IMAP or POP, e.g. Thunderbird

Update your Exchange server settings*
(Users of Outlook 2010 with service pack 1 or a later,  configured for Exchange client or users with  Exchange ActiveSync on your mobile device, do not need to update their Exchange server settings.)

It is strongly recommended you change your mail server setting to  Although the existing pod51002 server setting still works, it may be withdrawn at any time and without warning.


For future announcements and updates about the Live@UCL email service, please keep an eye on the ISD News via

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I can’t book a room or another resource? / Why can’t I open a shared mailbox?

Shared mailboxes/resources/role accounts: Access to resource mailboxes (such as for a conference room) or shared calendars, could temporarily be interrupted as they are upgraded.

My Calendar doesn’t appear to be working

 During the Wave 15 upgrade, Busy/Free indicators could be out of synch. Full service will resume after the upgrade.

Will my delegate be able to see my calendar during the upgrade? / My delegate access to another account isn’t working.

 Delegate access will be disabled until both accounts have been upgraded. If you have had access delegated to you, you will be unable to access the delegated account until both accounts have been upgraded.  Full access will be restored after both the resource and the user’s mailbox have been upgraded.

What is the expected duration of the loss to the live@UCL?

The upgrade is estimated to take 2-4 days from 00:01am Saturday 31st August 2013.

How will the Wave 15 upgrade affect the email & calendar service?

  • Although we anticipate the upgrade completing with 2 days, there is a possibility that it could take 4 days to complete.  Shared mailboxes, resource bookings (rooms, equipment etc.), role accounts and delegate access may experience a loss of function during the upgrade. A full service will resume after the upgrade has completed.

Which supported browsers can I use for OWA?

Please find a full list of supported browsers for OWA listed here:

Wave 15 -Min browser and OS tables [pdf]