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Initiate and Innovate

Supporting REF2014

Support for REF2014, including a central point for nominated outputs to be collated (RPS), will provide UCL with a great opportunity for securing the best possible placing in the forthcoming REF2014, which will optimise the opportunities for selective distribution of funds (QR) over the coming years.

Managing and storing research data

In addition to planning data capture and analysis, researchers should plan in advance how they will manage and preserve important data collected as part of their research project.  Research Data Services will assist in providing cost effective and resilient data storage for these purposes. Looking forward, UCL Research Data Services will provide data management tools to all UCL researchers to help make managing research data efficient and effective.

Fostering interdisciplinary and international collaboration

IRIS provides UCL Researchers with a single source for seeking out interdisciplinary collaboration opportunities through its ability to search the research areas of both groups and individuals. As it is openly available on the internet, IRIS can also foster international collaboration with other institutions and organisations.

Planning and costing your research proposal

Within the RITS organisation, dedicated Facilitators will ensure researchers are kept up to date with new Research IT services and enhancements to existing services, and how they can be accessed to the benefit of UCL research through a managed outreach programme. The Facilitators will also provide advice and guidance about costs associated with the use of specific services (where appropriate) and information about relevant training opportunities.

The UCL Research Equipment Catalogue is an online searchable database containing information about all UCL’s major research equipment and facilities. Researchers can view information about each equipment item (such as technical specifications and availability) and use an enquiry form to contact the equipment owner to determine if existing equipment is suitable and available for their needs.

Conduct Research

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