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Gavin McLachlan

Gavin Mclachlan - Director, Research IT Services

Responsible for the strategic development and delivery of IT services to support UCL’s core research mission.

Clare Gryce

Clare Gryce - Head of Research Computing and Facilitating Services

Responsible for the development and delivery of Research Computing platform services, Scientific Software Development services, and Research IT Facilitation services (outreach, engagement and advice regarding all Research IT Services)

Graham Hunt

Graham Hunt - Head of Research Application Services

Responsible for the development and delivery of Research IT Applications and Services to provide Research Administration, Publication and Collaboration Systems across the Research Lifecycle.

Dr Max Wilkinson

Dr Max Wilkinson - Head of Research Data Services

Responsible for the development of a large scale storage and research data management facility, and to preserve research data as an institutional asset.

Bruno Silva

Dr Bruno Silva - Research Computing Platforms Team Leader

Responsible for support, development and maintenance activities around UCL's central High Performance Computing facilities and Research Computing Services, and for delivery of training for Researchers in High Performance Computing.

James Hetherington

Dr James Hetherington - Research Software Development Team Leader

Responsible for creating and maintaining research software, in collaboration with researchers throughout college, building impact and accelerating research through sustainable, efficient, usable and readable code. Also responsible for advising researchers on software development matters and providing training and teaching in research software development to research staff and students.

Jo Lampard

Jo Lampard - Senior Research IT Services Facilitator

Responsible for providing advisory, outreach and engagement services relating to Research IT Services at UCL, and for coordinating user training programmes related to Research IT Services.

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