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Research IT Services (RITS)

The 2013 Research IT Services Annual Forum was held on Thursday 13th June. The programme and some of the presentations given are available to view here.

The Research IT Services (RITS) department develops, delivers and operates services to assist UCL researchers in meeting their objectives at each stage of the research lifecycle. The department brings together the established Research Computing Services group with new initiatives in Research Data storage and management, Research Networks, Scientific Software Development and Research Applications to aid productivity and publication, and to facilitate collaboration.

Assisting the research lifecycle:

Initiate and Innovate Conduct research Publish Exploit

Initiate and Innovate

Services to help you explore new collaboration opportunities, and to plan and cost your research project and its IT requirements.

Conduct Research

IT services to help accelerate and enhance your research, and store and manage your outputs.


Services to assist you in publishing and disseminating your results.


Services to enable others to cite and reuse your results to shape future research proposals, or commercial opportunities.

The Research IT Services department was formally launched with an event on 25 June 2012. Some of the presentations given are available to view here

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