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Software Policy

Bids for New Software

  • Requests must be made using a formal proposal form which can be found on the web in pdf or word format.
  • Software for teaching purposes must be linked to a course module. New software for current courses and software needed for new courses should be accompanied by a PIQ.
  • When submitting a bid, you are implicitly agreeing to test it once it is on the system, provide Information Systems with the media and any subsequent updates.

Successful Proposals

  • The more departments/interest shown - as measured by number of users - the more likely the proposal is to be successful. It is hoped the user community would be larger than one department.
  • The more effort a bidder can give IS in putting up new software the more likely it will be to go on the managed system.
  • If there are suitable alternatives already on the system, new software is unlikely to be added, for example the set of available statistics packages is already quite large. It is undesirable to have a proliferation of packages with similar features.
  • We will not host multiple versions of pieces of software unless a case can be made for it.

Software and Licences

  • ISD software sales can take advantage of departments buying together and negotiate a good price, further information is at
  • Ideally the number of duplicate copies of software bought throughout the college should be minimal.
  • Where appropriate, licences for little used software will be discontinued in an attempt to reduce costs throughout UCL.
  • Full information on how the software is licensed will help with the bid being successful.

Software Evaluation

  • Software media needs to be given to Information Systems so that it can be evaluated.
  • No new packages will be added onto WTS in cluster rooms, and will be added to Myriad.
  • Applications that are installed on Cluster Myriad but not on WTS will only be available in bookable clusters and some Library clusters. They will not be available in other clusters, such as those in Halls of Residence.


  • Although software may be put onto the managed service, that does not mean Information Systems have funds to pay for it. It is still the financial responsibility of the software bidder. If software is only relevant to one course it needs to be included as part of the cost of the course, if needed for more than one course arrangements could be made to share the cost.

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