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Software Bid for Staff WTS 2010 and Myriad


How to propose software bids for IS-managed services

A request for Information Systems (IS) to install or support a specific software package on the Managed System needs to be made via a formal proposal form. Note that this applies even to free or shareware software as installation and support has resource implications which affect IS's ability to support other software. If software is not bid for and accepted it will not be available to teach with in IS student cluster rooms. Further information on policy behind software requests are shown here. The proposal form is available in two versions:

Please note Staff WTS and Cluster WTS 2000 is frozen to all new software Request.

We recommend you use FireFox before entering data into these forms.

  • Software bid Form - All requests for software must be sent at least 5 weeks before the required date.
Students feel there is software missing off of the ISD Services, fill in this form to let us know.

If you are having problems filling out these forms, please use this word document.

Proposals can be made by a single department, an individual or collaboratively by a collection of departments and/or individuals, though obviously the more people prepared to use a given package, the stronger the case that can be made. Filling in a Software Proposal form involves giving a significant amount of information about the software being requested, including prices where appropriate.

No proposal will be considered unless all sections have been completed. It is particularly important to include a course module number. The completed form should be sent electronically to

Once the bid has been received, it will go to the application forum meetings, which will discuss if the software can go onto an IS managed service. You will be contacted with the decision and you will need to be available to test the software before it goes onto the live service.

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