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Archive Mailboxes

Archive Mailboxes are an additional storage mailbox containing archived E-mails.  Archives become an option when you start nearing the current 10GB quota within your Personal UCL accounts and need additional space.  These need to be requested with the Service Desk in the first instance.

Archive mailboxes once requested and created are visible automatically in versions of Microsoft Outlook as an additional account. The mailboxes are configured so they cannot receive or send mail.  In an IMAP client such as Thunderbird the archive can be configured to authenticate off your personal UCL account credentials and remove any requirement to remember another password to log directly in with.

The configuration details using your existing personal userID to send E-mail as opposed to the archive directly.  The result is that any E-mails that exist within the archive can be replied to and your default live personal account will do the sending and receiving.

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