Information Services Division


SiP Access Control Policy


SiP is an Oracle based system which enables UCL departments to submit forms electronically to Human Resources and Finance.

UCL Internal Audit advise that an access control policy is required to help ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information held on SiP.

This document sets out the access rights of each group of users.

Access Requests

Authorisation: Heads of Department and Nominees It is a fundamental UCL Internal Audit requirement that access to SiP is signed off by the head of the requesting department. In the absence or unavailability of the head the forms can be signed off by his/her nominee. The nominee will normally be a person who is of sufficient seniority to manage or significantly contribute to the management of the department in the head's absence and is empowered to authorise access to systems that pertain to the administration and finances of the department.

Correctly authorised forms are normally processed within 5 working days of receipt by Management Systems.

Access Levels

This level is for departmental users who are authorised to prepare appointment, payment and leavers forms with permission to create and save records only.

This level is for departmental authorised signatories who have the HoD's authority to sign off appointment requests, terminations or payments on behalf of UCL. Staff given this access will be on the department's list of authorised signatories for HR administration purposes. Submit access also allows staff to save records.

Staff with the above levels of access are able to view all transactions prepared or submitted by their unit or any subordinate units with their section of the UCL hierarchy. This scope of view does not extend to units above or adjacent to the staff’s parent unit.

Heads of departments/nominees who authorise SiP users are confirming that staff have the delegated authority to either prepare or submit the employment administration forms set out above.

Separation of Duties

In the preparation of one off payments or payments for one off duties it is a fundamental audit requirement that the person who submits the request is a different from the person who prepares the request. 

Revocation of Access

HR will provide departments with an online tool which allows departmental administrators and heads to view staff currently registered to use SiP. Immediately the departmental head or his/her nominee wish to end access to SiP the must be notified to the HR Helpdesk (hr_helpdesk@ucl.ac.uk). Access will be revoked within 1 working day. Access for staff that leave UCL ends automatically at midnight on their last day of service.

Registration Forms:

Access to Save/Submit Professoriate Requests

Access to Professoriate Requests is limited to staff who have access to the Academic Support section of Registry & Academic Services (LJ) . Departmental Users requesting access to SiP for other departments do not need to fill in this part of the access form. Similarly, not all SiP Departmental Users with access to Academic Support require access to Professoriate Requests so please ensure that access is requested appropriately.