Information Services Division



Sample Personas

A persona enables the visualisation of the requirements, goals and tasks of a real website user.

They are particularly useful when planning a new website or a website redesign.

Planning a website

They enable the website planner to work out

  1. the main tasks to be carried out on the site;
  2. the user journeys across the site;
  3. the content those users will require;
  4. how the site should be structured.

User research at UCL

Following user research across UCL, 9 personas were developed covering the main UCL website user groups:

  1. Current Undergraduate (pdf)
  2. Prospective Undergraduate (pdf)
  3. Current Postgraduate (pdf)
  4. Prospective Postgraduate (pdf)
  5. UCL Audience Group (pdf)
  6. Academic Staff Member (pdf)
  7. Professional Staff Member (pdf)
  8. Research Funder (pdf)
  9. Current PhD Student (pdf)
  10. Alumnus (pdf)

If you would like help with modifying these personas to suit your local needs, or creating new personas, please contact web-support@ucl.ac.uk