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Changing Your Password Using MyAccount

Your UCL user ID and password is your 'gateway' to accessing UCL services and resources.

Important: If you are a Desktop @ UCL laptop user you will need to follow these additional steps to synchronise your new password with your laptop.

Please treat your password as you would treat the PIN number to your bank card – keep it secret and don't share it with anybody.

MyAccount is the service for changing your UCL password. Find out more about MyAccount by referring to the Frequently Asked Questions and then visit the MyAccount service.

Your password

Your password will be valid for between 100 and 350 days depending on its strength when you set it. You will receive reminders from 30-days before your password is due to expire warning you to change your password. If you miss this opportunity and do not change your password, it will be automatically reset and you will need to verify your identity using a code sent to your mobile phone before your can set the password yourself.

You should change your password using the functions available on the MyAccount service. A password change can take up to two hours to update in some systems.

How to set a new password in MyAccount

Note: There are some dos and don'ts you need to know about before creating a password. Learn how to choose an acceptable password, before attempting to change yours.

In MyAccount, you will be prompted for your existing password first and then your new password twice. For security purposes, you won’t see your password on the screen as you type but you will see a Password strength meter and the number of days your chosen password will be valid.

MyAccount Password Meter…

Click Submit when you have finished.

MyAccount error messages

  • If your existing password doesn't match, or the new password isn't typed in exactly the way same both times, you will see an error message. Similarly, if your password isn't strong enough, you will not be able to submit it.
  • If your password is based on a word that is likely to appear in a dictionary, you will receive an error message and you will have to choose a different one. Need help choosing a password? Find out how to choose an acceptable password.
  • Sometimes passwords will seem to be accepted but will not work on all systems - this will usually be because of a character in your password that's not supported by some older systems. If this happens, try resetting your password again making sure that you don't include accented or unusual characters.