Information Services Division


Voice Conference Calls

Internal Telephone Conferences

Conference calls involving only one external party and any number of parties within UCL are easy to set up on your own Siemens (the 'old' telephone system) telephone, and cost nothing other than a single phone call to an external party.

It is assumed that you are organising the conference.

  1. Call the first conference party (whether internal or external).
  2. When they are on the line ask them to hold.
  3. Press recall [R], and call the second party. When they are on the line ask them to hold.
  4. Press recall [R] [*] [4]. All three parties are now in conference and can speak together.
  5. To add a fourth party repeat the procedure. Press [R], dial the fourth party, then again key [R] [*] [4] and all parties are in conference.

If you are using the new VOIP system, please see the Conference calls feature on the How to use a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) desk phone guide.

External Telephone Conferences

If you need to have a conference call with two or more external parties, we can arrange this for you using a commercial conference call service, please speak to your Departmental Administrator who can arrange this with ISD Telecoms. Conferences can include any number of parties and none of the telephone numbers need be at UCL, if for example you wish to have a conference in the evening from your home. 

If you need to loan a Conference Telephone Unit for large groups, please use AV's request system;  You'll need five days notice to loan a device.