Information Services Division


Reporting a Fault

If you can't fix your telephone fault please email the Unified Communications team or ring IT Services on extension 25000.

Some common problems on Standard handsets (such as bell not ringing) are caused by switches on your handset being switched to wrong setting. This can happen accidentally so when you report a fault we may ask you to carry out a couple of simple checks e.g. Is the volume control on your phone turned down? Is the ringer turned off? etc.

Some common problems on Cisco VoIP handsets  (such as bell not ringing) are caused by the volume being turned down via the + - buttons on the handsets.Also if you receive an error code of 205 when logging in,means you have either got you pin wrong or no pin has been entered.

Faulty Standard handsets are responsible for most extensions faults, therefore our first action is to ask you to try another handset in the same port. If that works you can collect a standard basic handset by emailing the Unified Communications team and we'll explain the process. However, sometimes we find that a central equipment or cable fault is responsible. In those cases we need our system maintainer or cabling company to investigate. Our contract with them requires a response within 4 hours of our reporting a fault.

Large system-wide faults will take longer but we endeavour to have all faults fixed within 24 hours. Where we rely on external carriers and services this may be extended.