Information Services Division


New Extension or New Line

Most departments arrange for requests for additional telephones within their department to be handled by the IT lead. We would appreciate all requests for new lines to be channelled through that person, since there are almost always financial implications related to installing a new extension.

If you are using a VOIP telephone you should be able to log out of your existing desk and log in to the telephone on your new desk. No physical moves are required if a VOIP telephone is in use at your old desk and your new destination.

Please email your request for an analogue services (giving extension, port numbers and location if known) and all new VoIP requests, please email IS-Telecoms Team.

If you don't have a port where you need a telephone you must contact NS-INF Team and arrange to have one installed before we can supply a telephone.

The Institutes of Child Health, Laryngology and Otology, Orthopaedics, Pharmacology, and Departments based at the Royal Free campus, and the Eastman Dental Institute have their own local arrangements. If you are in any doubt, please contact your local FBS/AISC team: IT-For-SLMS/Contact.