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Mobile Telephone Services via ISD

Extension to Abzorb Contract

UCL has been working with Abzorb to secure reduced pricing for its mobile phones. We are expecting this to reduce your line rental, call charges and data costs. In addition, a further 40+ countries will be added to the Global traveller promotion (allowing you to use your UK mobile plan outside the EU for just £5 per day). Abzorb will be contacting you shortly with a list of all the mobile numbers that you are currently being charged for together with those that will be renewed. You will have a 6 month window to make any changes or disconnect any mobile numbers that are no longer required. Please also be advised that individual mobile users will receive a SMS text message when they breach a threshold for excessive usage. The above changes will take affect from 1st June 2019. If you have any queries prior to receiving Abzorb’s email please contact your Abzorb Account Manager, by using the contact Abzorb button to the left of this message.

What is ISD’s Managed Mobile service?

  • A self-service portal that provides you with a one-stop shop to order and manage your mobile phones
  • You can select from a wide range of handsets on 6, 12 and 24 month contracts that include unlimited calls (national and local) and texts (UK) with monthly data allowance
  • Integrated with UCL’s finance system to allow seamless billing

Why do we have the Managed Mobile service?

  • To provide better value – A competitive bid process has secured an excellent agreement for UCL, with deals for 6, 12 and 24 months
  • Includes all standard UK calls and texts with data charged according to usage.
  • To provide a more responsive service – Online portal for ordering, billing and faults with rapid turn-around on orders
  • For greater efficiency – A single service means no effort is required to manage locally agreed contracts and will provide one point of contact and a dedicated IT Services.

    Using the new service – Obtaining new phones

    1. Identify who has authority in each department to order phones (usually the Departmental Administrator).
    2. Order new phones from the self-service portal. Phones ordered before 2pm will be dispatched the next day
    3. Review bills, report faults and get help via the portal.

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