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Adobe ETLA Agreement

The purpose of this page is to enable all UCL Staff to have quick and easy access to information about the Adobe ETLA Agreement. This page will be updated if/when changes are made to the agreement.

What is a Adobe ETLA Agreement?

The Adobe ETLA Agreement is an annual "subscription" programme for companies. It enables University College London to run Adobe Complete Suite (now called All Apps) for an annual fee. Each installation of Adobe Complete Suite must be purchased via the purchasing team before being used.

This agreement allows upfront multiple year purchases of subscription licenses for the entire length of the agreement instead of an annual renewal process.

When does the Adobe ETLA Agreement start?

The Adobe ETLA Agreement is renewed each July.

What products are available to purchase?

There are 2 options when purchasing this license either by Device or Named User licensing. 

  • A Named user license will allow the named user to install the software on up to 2 devices as long as they are the primary user of both machines and that they are not used concurrently.
  • A Device license is for use in a shared environment only, usually in teaching spaces.

The Adobe ETLA Agreement enables UCL to purchase Adobe Complete Suite (now called All Apps) which contains the following products:

  • Acrobat DC Pro
  • After Effects CC
  • Audition CC
  • Dreamweaver CC
  • Edge Animate CC
  • Edge Code
  • Edge Inspect
  • Edge Reflow
  • Fireworks CS6
  • Flash Builder
  • FlashPro CC
  • Illustrator CC
  • InCopy CC
  • InDesign CC
  • Lightroom CC
  • Muse CC
  • Photoshop CC
  • Prelude CC
  • Premiere Pro CC
  • Scout
  • SpeedGrade CC

What services are included?

The below Adobe Cloud Services are included as part of a Named User license, Device licenses do not come with Adobe Cloud Services:

  • 100GB Adobe Cloud Storage
  • Adobe Sign
  • Adobe Spark
  • Community
  • Device Preview
  • Edge Inspect
  • Extract
  • Fonts
  • PDF services
  • PhoneGap Build
  • Photos
  • Publish Online
  • Share Online
  • Story Plus
  • Team Projects (Beta)

What about New Releases?

Latest releases for the above products are free as they are covered under the Annual subscription of the purchased license for each installation.

How to acquire other Adobe products

It is necessary to note that the Adobe ETLA Agreement does not include all Adobe products. You need to purchase these products as before from the IT purchasing team. We have a CLP agreement with Adobe that gives us discounts on other Adobe products. 

For availability/pricing, please see search for your product on the software database pages. Alternatively, please Contact Us.

Adobe’s "Upgrade/Downgrade" Policy

You can downgrade or upgrade your product at any time your purchased subscription license is active.

Home Use by staff

With each Named User license you get two installs where one can be used on a personal device for work use.

A Device license will not allow use on a personal device.

Student Use

Students can use the software on any machines, owned or leased by University College London that reside on the premises. Students are permitted to have copies of Adobe ETLA licenses on their personal machines if purchased by their UCL department.

Students can access Adobe Creative cloud on machine in the DMS watson and within Bartlett using there UCL credentials and signing in with the enterprise ID option.

Technical Support

The Adobe ETLA agreement provides support for the product within the agreement, contact the IT Services on ext 25000 or email IT Services.

What happens when the Adobe ETLA Agreement expires?

A few months before the renewal of the agreement expiry notification will be sent to all users with licenses expiring that year and asked if you would like to renew. If you choose not to renew the software will stop working 1 month after the expiry date.

Further Information

You can obtain further information relating to the Adobe ETLA Agreement by contacting the IT Purchasing team.